A Quick Question on Flaps

Could someone explain to me why my plane suddenly starts gaining a very high vertical speed and stalling. I was on final into KPHL, I then set my Flaps to 30. This caused my 747-400 to fly upwards and stall. I don’t know why this is but as there are many more experienced pilots than me as I’m relatively new pilot I figured someone will know :)


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That’s an issue with the 747 physics. Just go easy with your flaps next time and wait for a physics update for the 74

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Did you go from Flaps 0 to 30? If so, that’s a big no no for the 747.

I know the plane is notorious in some cases. But it really matters on your speed. If you were too fast and you deployed flaps, it’s kind of like opening an umbrella when you’re running so obviously you will skyrocket.

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Hello, and welcome @Finn-14!!
I will do my best job trying to explain flaps simply.

Flaps are used on aircraft to increase drag, which increases the maneuverability of an aircraft, and reduces the approach and landing speed of an aircraft.

For your situation, did you go from no flaps all the way to flaps 30 at once? If so, that could be problematic. When you extend flaps, your speed decreases, and your nose is pushed upwards slightly. If you add a lot of flaps quickly, your upwards pitch will increase dramatically.
This can lead to a stall.

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When you extend flaps, you increase your amount of lift. So when you extended the flpas the lift increased, forcing the aircraft to violently pitch upwards. And as @Tsumia said, we know that the 747 family has some issues with its physics.

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Even retracting flaps too much is bad. One time I lost slot of height so I jerked my yoke back which made me lost complete control while doing a huge amount of backflips. Don’t go straight to the extremes when using flaps.


Thanks everyone I may have made a jump too big when changing Flaps but I will keep in mind that the 747 physics are a bit dodgy at the moment:)

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