A quick question about my procedures on approach and departure

So before you read the rest of my post or comment, please read this:
As a note, I was NOT ghosted or reported by any controller during this flight nor am I blaming them for anything they said. This is strictly just me asking if what I did was the correct procedure for following ATC instructions.

So I was flying my downwind leg into runway 9 at Key West (From the South) and the controller told me to extend my downwind which made sense because there was another plane turning base toward EYW from the North. After about a minute I was still continuing my downwind when the controller cleared me to land, I interpreted that meaning I should turn my base, so I waited for an E175 to turn his base also from the North because I was in a Citation so I figured his VREF speed would be faster than mine (this was a different plane than the one I had continued my downwind for). There was easily enough spacing between us and I continued and landed. The controller didn’t have a problem as he didn’t make any other comments after clearing me to land. But my question is, when the controller says “Cleared to land” does that mean I should still wait for further instructions or should I make adjustments as I see fit to land.

Also, after about 30 minutes being on the ground in EYW (long taxi times lol). I was cleared for takeoff and climbed out of Key West. The tower controller approved a frequency change so I contacted the Key West Approach controller as I was climbing out. (Keep in mind there was no departure frequency at the time). As soon as I checked in, the Approach controller said “Please check the forums for assistance using ATC instruction” and then immediately afterwards told me to change frequencies. In my 5 months on Expert server I’ve always contacted approach after takeoff if there was no departure frequency available and I’ve never had a problem.

Again, I was not ghosted or reported and I’m not upset at any ATC controller for anything they did I’m just wondering if what I did was what I should do again

When you are instructed to ‘Extend Downind’ you rightly so kept on downwind, it’s then your decision when to turn base unless the controller gives you the command ‘I’ll call your base’.

In your situation you should’ve waited for traffic on the approach to clear around you so you could enter your final approach and land safely. The cleared to land instruction was correct.

Don’t feel bad for anything or anyone, it’s a learning step. You’ve learnt something new, and now you’ll know what to do next time 🙃

Happy Flying!


You should only contact approach for departure if the tower controller tells you to contact approach. If he gave a frequency change you shouldn’t tune into any other frequencies until landing


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