A Quick Poll for my Next Event

Hi all!

The other day I have just hosted a flyout in Singapore Changi Airport. I had a poll that ended in many ties. Only a few people voted which isn’t exactly enough. So I will make this whole topic with the same poll which has since closed and gather your opinions. I will be taking a couple suggestions from you all.

  • Luxembourg
  • Madrid
  • Moscow
  • Rome
  • Seoul
  • New Delhi

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Definitely Rome, one of my favourite places to fly to and yet extremely underrated, I can’t remember the last time Rome was featured on the ATC schedule except for this week
There are some times when I flew the TSATC schedule just because it had Rome

I’ll definitely be coming to your flyout if Rome wins



where is Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Honolulu, and Bermuda?

jk those are my recommendations. TXF Bermuda has the best scenery in my opinion

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In the somewhat future I’ll be making a Rome flyout. I would say instead I would sponsor It, but my VA doesn’t fly there :(


that can’t be good.

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Oof indeed. When I make my events, I make them by hand. I have 2 devices (phone and tablet), i use my phone on IF with the map of the gates at the airport, and Flightradar24 to find flights, use gates, and maintain good spacing between aircraft. I then write up all the available gates possible, and start planning away. I still need to assign the flights, but only done the gates so far. I’ve done about 3 quarters of Brussels.

Also don’t kind my bed, I’m a teenager, what do you expect? 🤷‍♂️. Also not being sexist. But I’ve only seen 1 female in this forum, Laura. I’d be interested to know the ratio of men to women here.

The paper is so screwed up I might just re-write them again.


Little bit off topic

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I basically do the exact same as you but I use airport Departure boards for my flights as there’s a chance it shows gate assignments and that. If not, I’d use FR24 as well as Wikipedia’s Airlines and Destinations category.

Let’s go back on topic shall we?

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Agreed. Although Events > suggested event > I’m also making event at same airport > evidence > If this post gets flagged I wouldn’t be suprised. (Please don’t it’s not worth the 8th of the time it took you to read this).

Just realised that a few minutes ago Rome was beating every other city down. Yet Madrid is fighting back relentlessly with popularity. Cool.

Rome is a great field, always fun to control there.


Hm. Could I add Tokyo to spice things up?

Definitely Rome. I really like it there

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Hmm, I guess Rome isn’t as underrated as I thought it was, I was honestly expecting it to lose but it’s great to see that’s its winning

Hey, stop stealing my Rome flyout! I’m making the thread, and will be open later this week.

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Yeah, stealing something I don’t even know exists.


I might leave it to you to have the Rome flyout. I’ve already had a small start on Seoul a long time ago. I will gradually make my way down the list to please those who didn’t want Rome. God forbid if you take them.

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