A Quick Note About Addis Ababa

Hey, just wanted to make a quick note about operations at HAAB (Addis Ababa).

The airport has recently extended their taxiway parallel taxiway to reach the end of runway 07L. While it might be tempting to use this taxiway, as without it aircraft must backtaxi on 07L, please note that it is not used by passenger aircraft in real life. This taxiway is occupied by cargo aircraft, and the new parallel taxiway is used only by them from what I’ve seen flying into/from there IRL. Runway 07L is still backtaxi’d on even if it’s the runway in use.

It’s not too big a deal; I’m not gonna jump through your device and strangle you for not backtaxiing, but if you happen to come across this topic, I’d appreciate if pilots and controllers alike implemented this (traffic permitting).

Also, I don’t live there, so if you do or have better knowledge on HAAB ops, don’t hesitate to call me out lol. Figured I’d make this post given it’s an included airport in todays FNF.


Welp Now I know a lil bit more of Addis Ababa

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Thanks for the info though

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