A quick mission

My friend @Hornet11 and I decided to start our mission today. We did a quick formation flight, here are the pictures.

🔌Server: Expert
⏰ Flight Time: 54mins
📍Location: Unknown


Awesome shots captain! 🤝

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Hey man, You think we could do a trio 👀

Beautiful Photos!

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Wow! Amazing shots. What device do you use for IF?

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What happens in the rwy stays in the rwy 😅😂

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Nice! formation flying is always hard but rewarding

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Picture perfect 🤩

@atl.avgeek Thanks you!!
@CaptainAli_yt Thanks. Suree!! I’d love to.
@ybtl.aviation Thanks, I use my phone ( iPhone 11 Pro Max )
@Hornet11, of courseeee sir!!
@Ethan_Brown Indeed!
@Dr3ambigg3r Thank you mate!


Great shots.