A Quick Hop in ANA’s 777

🇯🇵 Osaka Itami to Tokyo Haneda 🇯🇵

Hi everyone! The other day I took ANA’s 777 for a spin! Enjoy the photos!

Server: Expert
Route: RJOO - RJTT
Aircraft: ANA 777-200ER
Flight Time: 1 hour and 3 minutes

Japanese lineup in Osaka!

@Thunderbolt lands as I taxi to the runway.

Blasting out of Osaka! Who else enjoys the engine sounds!?

The details like the flag on the wings make all the difference!

Almost at cruise altitude.

Japan. Is. Beautiful.

I will never get tired of wingviews like these.

On final!

Seconds before touchdown at Haneda!

Welcome to Tokyo!

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Thanks for looking!


😳 Uh oh.

Definitely not my best landing, hope it was a great flight though!

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Is there an option to select all?


I second that. All of them are stunning :)


@Thunderbolt my landing wasn’t much better 😂. It was a great flight though!
@dca.iad.aviation haha thanks!
@ran thank you as well! I knew you would enjoy it!


Great photos! I love them all!

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Thank you so much!

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They are all good, Btw nice looking landing.

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Thank you very much!

Just a triple 7 showing off its wingflex on duty in Japan. Beautiful!

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Thanks mate!