A quick flight from LAX-SFO

Today I decided to do a quick flight from KLAX to KSFO in the new United 777.

Server: Training
Aircraft: United 777-200ER
Flight time: 49 minutes

Sitting at the gate with the United battleship livery right behind me.

A beautiful parallel takeoff with a United 737-900 heading to San Diego

A nice cruise at 30,000ft

On final for runway 28L at San Francisco
A bit of a rough landing

Parked at the gate by a United 737-900 And an American 777-300


Looks good overall. Do you ever have time for long hauls or are you like me?

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I sometimes do long hauls. Like right after I landed this flight I quickly Added some fuel and took off heading to Hong Kong

I just slammed my 787-10 from KJFK on the runway. You choose the less the windy runway unlike me lol😂

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The wind was super weird at SFO today

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brilliant pictures :)

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Nice pictures! I specifically like pictures 5 & 6. I love it how at least someone on the TS knows how to hold short… (A380) 🙂

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Thank you!

I’m super surprised to!