A Quick Dash From The City of Roses to the Queen City

Hey guys!

I haven’t made a screenshot topic in a while, so it’s good to be back. This time, it’s the Alaska (Horizon) Dash 8 on the short hop from KPDX to KSEA.

Enjoy the photos!

First, we make the most beautiful rotaté as @SB110 watched my most perfect Dash 8 takeoff I’ve ever actually done.

The sunset shines so beautifully as we make our first right turn over a mountainous terrain.

Beginning our descent, Mount Rainier gleams as the sun slips below the Horizon.

Passengers are enjoying the view as we prepare for a seven-knot crosswind landing.

Although the photo reflects the aircraft as off of the centerline, do not let angles fool you. We are perfectly on the centerline on short final for runway 16R at Seattle’s busiest airport.

After landing, (which was not my best, lol), we exit the runway after a thirty-three minute journey (wheels up to wheels down).

As Seattle ends a day, we shut our engines off and clear our flight plan, ready to head off to Alaska in the morning (stay tuned for screenshot topic!)

Thanks for viewing my pictures today. Please vote below and let me know which was your favorite!

  • Rotation
  • Right turn
  • Descent w/Mt Rainier
  • On final with a view
  • On final w/runway 16R
  • Exiting runway
  • Parked w/Mt Rainier

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It was a pleasure “photo bombing” 🤣

Lol, jk. Great pictures!

@anon38496261 had an extreme butter at KSEA of -121 V/S. Let’s all congratulate him for this. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Thanks! Lol.

The landing was terrible 😂
The V/S was okay, but we touched down on one landing gear.

It was still butter though, so thank you :)

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For those who flagged it as inappropriate:

My fat thumbs are very sorry. They will make sure it never happens again. I overlooked that mistake, lol.

Anyway, it should be back in a sec.

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Those are awesome photos, such a fun and short flight. Mount Rainier is alsways amazing too

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Thank you!

I enjoy this flight when I need a quick flight to do.


You like how I stole your style of title? 😂

Jk, lol. I didn’t actually realize it until just now.


Great shots man! I love the dash 8, I should do another flight in one soon.

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Thank you!

I’d love to join you for that flight!


I’ll let you know when I find the time 😁

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Sounds good!