A Quick Corporate Dinner Hop! Des Moine to Chicago in the 737-700 BBJ

Shuttled a few (i.e.: 30) high-profile corporate clients from Des Moines, Iowa to a corporate dinner party in Chicago, Illinois today in a Boeing Business Jet (737-700) today! They seemed pretty happy with the flight, and loved the sunset views. Read the full flight commentary below.

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Server: Expert
Callsign: N427DP (incidentally the tail number of a Piper Cherokee at my flight school)
Route: Des Moine (KDSM) to Chicago Rockford (KRFD)
Time: 1 hr

Rotating outta Runway 23 at Des Moines. ATC was on leave, so all calls were made on Unicom. I was impressed by the aircraft performance, then remembered I had only 30 passengers and minimal cargo. A super exclusive charter flight, this one!

A straight, steady and comfortable cruise at a 550 kt groundspeed all the way to Chicago, at FL290. I’m sure I heard some of the clients in the back pop a bottle and clink their glasses as they sipped on some vintage Dom Pérignon champagne.

One of the corporate executives was so impressed by the sunset views, that he requested his contacts at S.H.I.E.L.D to fly alongside in their retro-reflective invisible heli-carrier and snap a picture of them. Naturally, I couldn’t see the S.H.I.E.L.D craft, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a link to this image over CPDLC. In fact, I was so busy admiring the view and the picture, that Chicago Center had to warn me that I was in an active airspace and needed me to contact them. Oh well…

On final for Runway 25 at Chicago Rockford. It was absolutely beautiful, so I just performed a simple visual approach and hand-flew the aircraft down.

Buttering the landing on Runway 25, as a Delta A321 waits for clearance to take off on Runway 19. My clients didn’t really like the fact that I had to park at the regular terminal instead of the GA apron, but that was the only space available for a quick, speedy de-boarding process. Money can buy a lot of things, but not time, it seems.

Parked safely at the terminal, flanked by an Allegiant Air A320 (@CapriciousWisewater) and an American A320 (@Capt_Evan).



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Thank you so much!

Awesome images! and an interesting story too…

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Nice photos! #1 is the best imo. Lol

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Haha! Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you haha. Gotta love those takeoff shots!

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I love that last one with the tails! Great work :)

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That last sunset shot is fantastic! 😍

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Thank you so much! Haha, I saw the American on final and waited after I had parked for him to pull up alongside, to get that shot.

Thanks a lot! Picture credit: S.H.I.E.L.D lol