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I want to make a new feature request, however there is already a topic in its place. Furthermore this topic is 4 years old and with no votes at all. I have seen many people make new feature requests that have had a duplicate post that was old and lacking in detail, which they then requested to be closed in favour of theirs. Do i flag the old post? or do I contact a mod?


Flag the old post for moderation, stating that you’d like to make a new feature request. They will then close it, and you can remake it!


If yours has more information than the previous one, then it it’ll be fine. You can also follow the steps @anon79257371 mentioned above.


I’ve already flagged it i only made this post because when I was looking at the guidelines it said that multiple people had to flag a post for it to get attention. Thanks for replying

Where still in a total lockdown here in Wales so i’ve got plenty of time on my hands to make a quality post.


You could PM a mod and ask for permission to make a new one.

It’s been done now the post is now in the workings!

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Helpful answers all around, thanks everyone