A question

How do you choose an topic category ‘Events’?

You need to have a high enough trust level

You need to be TL2 or above

How do you get TL2? How can you understand your TL?

Only TL2 and above can post a topic in Events or you can post an event in Live and Regulars/Mods will move it to the Events Category if it fits the guidlines.

New = TL0
Basic = TL1
Member = TL2
Regular =TL3

I said how to achieve TL2?

You’re currently a basic user(tl1) you need to be a member (tl2).
To get higher trust levels, you need to visit often, reply often and ?make a few topics.


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No need to shout! ;)


I have done all the things that the website said

Hello, I just got TL 2 minutes ago! 😀 It happened naturaly!
Don’ t worry, talk if You feell like, follow the advice of staff, be wise. All comes naturally. I wasn’t expecting getting TL 2 now!


You can PM a mod to see your stats required for next tl.

When you have met all the requirements, there’s no telling how long the system will take to process the status change. It could be immediate but it could also take hours.
I can remember waiting for a couple of hours for my status to change.
Just be patient. It WILL happen. :)


How can you get a PM? What are ‘mods’?

A PM is a private message from someone that will appear in your notifications. Only users invited to the PM can view and reply to it.
A mod is short for “moderator”. A forum moderator keeps the community civil and takes necessary action to keep it under control (saying this in a very brief and basic way; they do much more than just that).


How can we contact a moderator?

Tag them like @username

Since the mods live in different time zones, you can always check here to see who’s seen last, so you stand a bigger chance of contacting a mod that’s actually awake. :)

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