A Question to the Developers

Hello! I have a question for you the developers at Infinite Flight.

So If I can remember correctly, you guys stated that for every reworked aircraft that has Gear tilt must be made from a new model of the aircraft.

With that now said, I have a question about the possible Boeing 747 rework.

So if every reworked plane that has gear tilt is a new model, does that mean that is it possible that we could get new variants of the 747?

For example, take the 747-SOFIA. If the rework really requires a new model of the aircraft, would it be possible to make the 747SP variant as the 747-SOFIA is a NASA version of the B747SP?

This also involves all other aircraft that have gear tilt and more than 1 variant in the sim.

Regards, Vidal99977


I doubt they will answer your question so far in advance, right now their priority is the B777 rework.

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This is why I said “possible” family rework.
It may come this year but who knows.

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Yea fair play. All speculation at this point though

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Sadly yeah…

There is no way to tell, the devs won’t reveal something like this until it is imminent.

I’m sure your question will be answered when the B747 rework comes along, so for now, you just have to wait

This is your answer! Our goal remains working through the entire fleet which will be an ongoing work in progress. I don’t have more to share about the order in which aircraft will be reworked, however. The 747 would need a full rework when the time comes.


@Pinecone If the devs revealed every detail about a new update where would the fun be in @jasonrosewell blog post. Personally I think the Devs do an amazing job.

@Vidal99977 I guess it would depend on demand the 747 has a huge selection of Variants and most of them would hardly be used for example barely anyone uses the 747-200, Sofia and Shuttle carrier if you add the SP on top of that then one or more of this variants won’t be used as much.

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