A question regarding manual decent without VNAV

Hi! So, I just got done watching the VNAV tutorials and I was wondering. Do we have the option if we wanted to, to descend manually to a STAR without the use of VNAV as long as we follow the altitude restriction for that STAR?

Would this still be acceptable on the Expert server with active center & radar frequencies?

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Just dont engage VNAV, and do your best calculations.

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Additionally, you can use the “banana” (the white line that shows up on the map which shows where you’ll hit your set altitude) to estimate the vertical speed needed to maintain a descent in accordance with the STAR. VNAV just automates the descent process - there’s nothing wrong with keeping it off and descending manually like in previous updates.

If you request to descend via a STAR, however, it will likely be expected that you will follow the altitude restrictions provided by the procedure.

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So, for example: If I am approaching my STAR point with Active radar, I would have to use VNAV when request to descend?

It would certainly make descending a lot easier. I’d recommend using it unless there’s some specific reason you’re being hesitant about using it.

Gotcha. Thanks for your help!

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Forgot to add.

If I were to request that, can I still manually descend without the use of VNAV as long as my rate of decent matches (The decent arc is matched) to the STAR/FIX?

Yup! As long as you’re hitting the fixes at the predetermined altitude, either manually or with VNAV, you should be fine

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Most excellent! :D

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The restriction for both SIDs and STARs mean the lowest possible altitude, correct?

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