A question on route database's

So what I seen most database routes are supposed to add routes before posting right? some airlines on databases are missing consider its in the flight sim. I wonder theres a tutorial in the IFC for that.

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Hey! Would you mind be a little more clear on what you’re asking? Are you asking if there’s a tutorial on how to make a route database?

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oh sorry yea maybe a tutorial so it could fix some problems when posting a route database first time with aircrafts

When you are making a route database you fill in as many airlines and what routes they fly as you can. If your topic becomes a wiki ( That means TL3s can edit it) then they can put in any routes/ airlines you missed. You can look here How to Find a Route to Fly to find what databases have been created and you can look at the ones that have been created to get an idea of how you should make your database if you are thinking of making one.


yep I see it now

Hey there!

Route databases are one of those “made by the community for the community” topics. Somone does the Comunity a favor by making the “shell” of the database in which fellow community members can go ahead and send the creator or in the thread, post what routes should be added! Most of the time, the database will start as a blank template such as the newly posted 787-8 databse, then after time and lots of help from the awesome community, the thread turns into a ginormous list of flights that the community can happily pick from! Check out the 777-200ER database for a superb example! Check it out below!

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Thanks when first time posting the ERJ Family route I usually start off empty (not the LOT one) but when doing research I personally added alot of routes with many airlines (Although I needed to add more routes to the european and defunct ones)

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