A question of interest to me.

A question which has bugged me for a time now. What real life route from airport to airport is the longest? In addition. What plane flyies that route? My apologies if this may be in the incorrect catogory. I do not know what catogory this post is best suited.


I’m not sure but many people have claimed to fly from WSSS to WMKK in 1 hour… and they find it long LOL

Typical duration is 45 minutes as most Singaporeans know it

Why are you specifically talking about Singapore. As far as I can see he just asked what was the longest

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Clearly you have misreaded my post. I clear said in ‘real life’ not IF.


He mentioned “real life route from airport to airport is the longest?”

Man you guys hit people hard.

Fine. WSSS—KJFK in the A345

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KDFW to YSSY is the longest I believe. 16 hours on an A380…


asta lavista baby


I understand. Are you talking about 16 hours without a pit stop for fuel?

It is a direct, 16 hour, flight.

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I understand. Thank you.

@ColonelJeff Why do I specifically speak about Singapore? BECAUSE I’M FROM SINGAPORE, DUH?

Also, the question was rather unclear to me. Perhaps if it was rephrased as “in real life”, it would’ve been better. My initial interpretation was:

Longest real life route from airport to airport

Real Life Route: Must be a real one (not like KLAX-KNUC, but WSSS-WMKK type)

Let me google it for you, isn’t it easy?


Qantas-Dallas to Sydney
Delta-Johannesburg to Atlanta
Etihad-Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles
Emirates-Auckland to Dubai


Well in fairness if you placed it in the correct category then others would understand you didn’t mean in IF. If it’s about the real world then in belongs in #real-world-aviation :)


Actually I didn’t take notice of the category at all… I believe the problem is with the phrasing of his question.

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Hasta la vista*

Currently or in the history of aviation?

Currently it’s DXB-AKL, though that may be succeeded if Akbar’s ego is to launch DOH-AKL.

In history, SIN-EWR was the longest one, not SIN-JFK (whoever wrote that above). SIN-NYC will relaunch in 2018(?) but AFAIK, it’s unclear which airport it’s flying to, EWR or JFK.

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I wrote it. I don’t remember it clearly but I know it was an A345 route.

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