A Question for the Staff (Or anyone else that may know)

So I was controlling EGLL today, and I had Misha pass through in an A330, and it got me thinking. This was not the case, but let’s say hypothetically my controlling was terrible and I was completely screwing everything up. Could they report me, being that I was a controller and not a pilot? Note I am also IFATC and this was on the Expert Server.

Thanks in advance!

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As an IFATC controller, yes. But you’re not directly disconnected from the session rather they can make a report to Tyler_S (IFATC Manager) about whatever incident you had and further action will be taken.


Good to know, thanks for the feedback. Like I said, I was fine but I was just curious.

Keep in mind that questions like these might better be left to the IFATC discord where you’ll only get replies from people who know, as opposed to the forum where most don’t.


If you thought your controlling was subpar, perhaps you shouldn’t be controlling one of the busiest airports on the Expert Server 🤷‍♂️


No, like I said my controlling was extremely good, I was just wondering, hypothetically. Heathrow was well within my limits today.

It’s also not my birthday…so don’t even bother.


Thanks for the info everyone, I’m flagging this topic for closure.

Just though it was because it said.

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