A question for iPad 8th generation users

Hey there! Know I know there’s a thread on recommendations on what settings ur device should run but the one for the iPad 8 weren’t great for me so just a question for iPad 8 users what are your graphical settings? Thank you.


I use all High, High aircraft count, and limited to 30fps @City_Flyer

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Hmmmm yea ok do you ever go under 30 bc sometimes I randomly go to 29 for a split second.

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But do you get a lag spike when the framerate drops ?

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Yea sometimes.

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It happens to me also

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I use everything high on departures and arrival. 30fps. Cruising i set all to low👀😂


Me to I’ll set to low in cruise.

For me, I use everything on high, low power mode and 30fps for the majority of my time but sometimes I do go to 60fps and there’s no issues (overheating, slow performance etc.)

Its all down to personal preference, you can play around with the settings and see which works best for you. The Device Compatibility Thread 21.2 is used as a guide/recommendation and it’s not forcing you to equip these settings.

Yea ik it’s not forcing. I just thought that weren’t great for me. I know play on all high and 30fps. Thank you for the suggestion (:

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Everything is at Max during departure, climb, descent and arrival, at cruise I set my FPS to 3 turn my sound all the way down position the camera so that’s it’s facing a black space in the cockpit usually by the rudders, and leave my brightness turned down.

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