A Question for EGLL ATC (In Control on UTC 20:50 03/13/2024)

To Whomever was controlling EGLL on Expert Server Today:

I honestly cannot understand how it is possible for you to let someone sitting by the runway for over one and a half hours while he being the first in line and everyone passing by and taking off.

The waiting time was so long that I started thinking it is personal.

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Firstly, sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience.

Since you’re Grade 1, I’m assuming this was on the Training Server?

If this was the case, unfortunately sometimes you will come across situations where users that are controlling are new to the game and may not have a complete understanding of the ATC interface and ATC operations. This is especially more common at larger more popular airports such as EGLL and KLAX, as these airports are usually the first airports that controllers load into control when first downloading and exploring the simulator.

If this was on the Expert Server, I would strongly suggest reaching out to the controller that was controlling at the time in a polite and respectful manner to gather their version of events.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Take care!

OP did specify this was on ES

This bit still stands though

Hi Declan,

Thanks for replying. It is expert server. I’m grade 3 actually. There is some problem linking my active infinite flight account.

And thanks for the advice! Take care.

I’d be quite shocked to believe that this would happen. If you’d like, shoot me a PM and I’ll address any concerns that you may have.