A question for ATC or pilots

Hello guys,

I was arguing with my friend as which answer is more accurate and more correct of these three please for ATCs who are working in APP sectors around the world answer me

‎1- SVA912: DES6000’, Turn Right HD040, Reduce Speed 210 Knots.

‎2- SVA912: Turn Right HD040, Reduce Speed 210 knots, DES6000’.

‎3- SVA912: Reduce Speed 210 knots, Turn Right HD040, DES6000’.

Which number is more correct and why?

I believe the first one is correct.


Me too i think one

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I’m about to land at EWR I’ll let you know what it is

I’d say it would go heading first, then altitude, then speed. The heading needs to be expedited as quickly as possible so it’ll be convenient for the controller and the pilot if it was the first one the pilot sees.


Yes, usually it is HDG, ALT, SPD


I mean it’s really controllers discretion whether to send you either vectors, speed or altitude. Usually it’s a vector, altitude then speed.


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