A question for Air Traffic Controllers

Hey all,

I Was watching a video on YouTube in Dubai international airport and there was ATC position called a dictated controller I don’t know what that is can someone explains to me please ?

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Can you give more context of what the controller was doing (if any information was shown) because I’ve never heard of it before and I can’t fins anything about it on google

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Do you mean director? If so, that is just a radar frequency.


I think that’s what he meant but I didn’t put that together lol

I can confirm that there is a frequency at OMDB (127.90 to be exact) that is called Dubai Director.

Just another radar frequency.


In busy airports, a “director” frequency usually serves as Final Approach control. You would first contact an “Approach” frequency as you begin your descent, then as you get closer (on downwind at about 8000ft for example) you would get transferred to “director” for the last part of the approach. This is to split the work between different controllers in very busy situations.
It’s also sometimes (rarely) used by IFATC - such as during FNF events.

Hi guys thanks all for trying to explain to me ❤️

I found out when he was talking )he meant basically a controller for each runway I think it’s a known word between controllers as I asked one of my friends who’s a controller and said it’s just a controller , it’s not a position

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