A Question About Topic.

Is it okay to post, “Who want to fly with me!” or no? I just want to know and which topic I should use, Live or General or other topic. Thank, Gabe.


You should use #live:events if you are planning something in advance and/its a flash flight

Okay, thank you, but doesn’t require to use VA or no.

No. That is #live:va

Oh, okay! Have a great day!

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Please be very careful with #live:events. You need to make sure that you follow the Event guidelines before posting something there.

If you are trying to plan just a quick request for a pilot or two to join you then I would say put it on #live but I don’t know for sure if its allowed. If you normally want to fly with fellow pilots its highly recommended that you join a VA where you can find many pilots to fly with.


@Gabe_Z if you want to fly with me feel free to shoot me a PM :)

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As @TwinsRock88 said, if you make a post in #live:events, the fornat is important. Especially the title, as you will be yelled at by many people if it does not follow the correct format.

It is not, as #live is not supposed to be used for flights.

More info on the Live category:

Hope this helps :)

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