A Question about todays hub

Is it just me or is Dallas (and Atlanta) not as busy as today? because im sure yesterday was packed but today it seems normal for Expert server to not have as much players for today.

My guess is that it’ll be busy later in the day since the people from the USA are just waking up in the morning.

That’s what happened when KDEN was featured for the FNF last week.


It’s relatively busy considering the timing in the states. It will get even busier though, trust me.

Well now that school has started we will see less players playing. This should be normal since it’s early morning in the states. But in the end it could be a plethora of things.


Seems fairly busy to me for 8AM EDT in the US. Half of the US is still sleeping or just waking up anyway.

Plus, the airfield may not seem as crowded since there are so many active runways.



Ok I think I will visit Dallas again later to see how its like

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Can I just ask what app/website that is?

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Hello @GameBoy_KIRB, hope you’re having a great day so far!

I may be a little late, but I think that you’ll start to see more of a trend of erratic traffic behaviors. This is the time of the year where many start to focus school, rather than Infinite Flight, and the traffic levels will probably begin to simmer down even further as school gets harder.

As of now, 1409Z, there is still 107 inbounds, which is a very good amount for the circumstances given above, but compared to the summer and when 20.1 had released, yes, traffic levels have decreased.

Another thing to take into consideration is the theme and location of the day and what is featured. Yesterday was General Aviation day, and many smaller airports were featured, so in reality, no it wasn’t packed, and I believe the main hub’s inbounds didn’t even reach a max of 40, I could be wrong on that, but it’s beside the point.

Today’s theme and featured airline is American Airlines/American Eagle, which means a lot of shorter/short haul routes, therefore meaning that they are in the sky for shorter amounts of times so the inbound count will probably be up and down like crazy all day, due to the sheer amount of short haul routes being done.

Hope my explanation helped!


Yep it sure gone busy through the afternoon and now im flying over DFW for the event (Im N196LR)

Take into consideration that schools back in session and not everyone can fly like in the Summer at 12 noon. Plus it is a Wednesday so it won’t be as busy as a Wednesday in June you know.

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