A Question about the upcoming ALSF 2 lights?

I think this will be closed by a mod, but I just wanted anyways to ask a very important question about something? And here we go!

So recently in the developer stream at YouTube we got to hear some excited news about the upcoming reworked light system in the game which is 🔥! But I had a question that connected pretty much to what Jason asked Phillipe yesterday about the lights, which was when you stand on one side the lights is full on that side, but on the other it will be different!

But my question is a sort of connection to that question Jason asked! And it goes like this: When the new lighting system comes in place will it be dependent on the runway setup in the game or is ATC-decided? Like is it the ATC who decide which runways is in use? I have some pictures to show what I mean:


In the first picture, the rwy setup is decided by ATC. And currently it isn’t highlighted with green, orange or red!

2nd picture shows KDEN Denver Intl. currently used rwy!

And the last picture is a rwy layout in Kabul, and this one is a bit different. Because you see, many airports in the world like Kabul have one Rwy in use and one side with an ILS option. But sometimes at these airports and Kabul of course they sometimes change the direction, because of wind or other circumstances. And that’s when the 11 is in use for KABUL in this instance. And as I have read on the Internet, they say that the ALSF 2 approach lights is dependent on the ILS setup for the rwy. And for example Kabul this time has 29 with ILS, and I am sure that when this new system comes out this side will be fully illuminated.

But will it also be on the other side 11 with no ILS support?

Correct me if am wrong in these cases?


Like other aspects within Infinite Flight, it would be safe to bet that ALSF II lighting would be found on ripe ways that have this lighting structure IRL. Not confirming anything, I’m just saying, looking at history and what we have today, realism is the common denominator here. It’d be silly to put approach lighting on a runway that doesn’t have them IRL.

If that were done, the community would roast Infinite Flight for inaccuracies. 🙂 don’t want that now do we…

Runways colors are not ATC controlled. Rather they are wind controlled. They simply provide you with a visual representation of what runways are favorable.

  • Green- indicating a dominant headwind
  • Orange - indicating a dominant crosswind
  • Red - indicating a dominant tailwind

But what about the third picture or the Kabul airport problems?

Could be that the airport needs to be updated within IF. Airports IRL are always getting new procedures or getting rid of them for that matter. This airport could be one of those cases.

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Ans one last question, you can feel free to deny this? Because your bet was that rwys that have specific approach lights pattern they would be added to the specific rwy. But since this is very ‘realism-based’ and not every rwy is the same, will it not impact the game as a whole, and would it come in batches like the 3D airports in the game? But since lights is much more efficient then building it would be like 50 airports every update maybe, if it was batches update?

That, I do not know the answer to as I’m not a developer. Sorry

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But for example Phuket has the same option as Kabul and it has always stayed like it is till now, so I would guess then it is like this in the future too.

Alright 👍! Thank you for your time and answering this important question! And I am sure that everybody had this type of thought in their mind when they announced it on stream!

And also thank you for your time! I really appreciate it 🙏!

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You’re very welcome. Have a great day!

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Cause I have edited Kabul in 2D some years ago when we had used the external tool WED for that I can guarantee that there are the correct approach lighting types assigned to each runway.

As you can see it is SALS for runway 11 and ALS I for runway 29.

Those data are from official documents by FAA or the related ICAO state authority describing the lighting for certified airfields. In IFAET it was state of the art to assign correct lighting to runways for the case we will get approach lighting.
Therefore in all previously in 2D edited airports it will be correct in the database.
From experience in the past I am pretty sure that IF-LLC will use as much data as possible from what is already in the database.


Ah okay, that was my point and i am glad you proved it!

but which one of those is it, beginning from left?

So does this mean that everything will hopefully be pinpoint accurate for every airport?

For airports that use the common lighting Typs, yes. For the hundreds of airports that have special own variants no.

Another chart that has SALS to answer:

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But I think it corresponds with the ALSF I system I think!

The difference is SALS only has steady white past the second bar, while ALSF begins to alternate with flashing whites and steady white bars. If I recall correctly, ALSF lights flash in interval to look like they are “leading into” the runway.


I think I am so obsessed with the development of the light system in IF that I want to ask one more question!

I saw this picture on FAA’s own website. I know for the first release we are not going to see this system implemented in the game, but can we expect a similar system like this in the future? It seems cool tho!

But I think it needs to be connected somehow with the current ATC system!

I wouldn’t expect any switched lights in foreseeable future, but I am not IF-LLC.

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