A question about the 787

He IFC is a question more for the OF dev’s

Was the 787 an experimental aircraft you guys released. It has a lot of things the IF’s older Models would have. Suck as the land gear retart. It’s not even ok you newer models. And it’s wing flex is another thing. One more thing that’s older modules didn’t have that the 787 has is the engines. They look very 3’d unlike the other planes that and a more flat Engine picture thing. Irl what it’s called. So was it an experiment.

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If it was an experimental project it would remain internal so no, it wasn’t. Its an older plane thus why the quality is not up to current standards.

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But it has Features that the older planes don’t have. Even things that the newest ones have.

Of course it has features that the older planes doesn’t. As tech advances, so does IF’s capabilities to add more stuff to their aircraft.

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It’s just a relatively new airframe that’s all.


But what I means is that it is a little Oder plane and it looks like it’s a new plane but minus a couple stuff.

Yes, as time goes by the actual airframe of the aircraft in terms of quality started to improve.

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