A question about SimBrief

So, i tried using SimBrief for some general info, and to see if a flight was possible.

FAOR-LICD, Johanseburg to Lampedusa, island near Malta.
The idea is to try it in a Citation X (optimistic i know lol)

Simbrief says flight time should be almost exactly 8 hours, but also that flight time exceeds aircraft range. When fully loaded with fuel IF says expected flight time is 11 hours.

Do you think it will make it? Should i try anyway and divert if i cant make it to destination?

I believe I have had the same warning before in many different planes (747,777) , and with no problems I made it to the destination very easily with the given amount of fuel 👍


Good to hear. If i make it i think it will count as one of the longest CX flights :)

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I would fly over Saint Helena just in case

What? That would make the journey like 1.5 times longer.

yeah nm for some reason I read KEWR-FOAR I have no idea why in the world I thought that 🤭

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The C750 in game is busted and its range is much longer than IRL, so simbrief is using the actual aircraft range when telling you its too far. I’ve never had any issues when flying within the actual aircraft characteristics with simbrief, so since you are flying outside of restrictions you kind of just have to guess if it will work on Infinite Flight.Simbrief will give the the correct flight time though regardless of range.


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