A Question About Profiles

Hey guys I have been having this “issue” if I can call it that where when I click on my profile it doesn’t show what I put in there anymore. It used to do exactly that until about a month ago.

Here for matt it shows all of the stuff he put in.

If you look it doesn’t show any of the content other than my callsign and VA. I used to be able to see when I clicked on my profile, now I don’t. So my question is, is that something that’s supposed to happen?


Its shows your profile for me.

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Okay so maybe me as the user who is this profile can’t see it?

I’m not sure, but I can check my own just fine

I don’t think we can see our own bio unless we click “Expand” when we are under our preferences. I can’t see my little bio out in the forum, but I can see everyone else if they filled it in.

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That makes sense. I used to be able to see it though so that’s why I was confused. Thanks for answering my question guys! I’ll have this closed.

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