A question about posting

This is my first time doing a post on IFC so if you could give me some feedback that would be great. I had a question regarding if you can post feature request for made up airlines or not.

Thanks and Happy Landings

Hey there! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community and congrats on your first post!

To answer your question, Infinite Flight does not add fictional Airlines.

Hope this helps!


Ok thanks for the info

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Still on subject, how do I go about requesting an existing busy airliner livery that isn’t listed in IF? Do I go to feature or general? Thanks in advance!

Once you have become a “member” (currently you are at Basic TL) then you can start a thread in RWA or Features. Until then you are restricted to starting a thread in General whilst you are still learning about the forum and how it works.

However there is a good chance that someone has already made a request for the airline / aircraft that you want so use the search function to have a look. Then you can vote for that aircraft or add a comment to the thread…both of which will help you “rank up” to the next TL.

Good luck.


Thanks I will

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