A Question About Navigation

In real life, ATC will most likely vector an aircraft towards their flight plan when climbing out from an airport.

Pilot: (Callsign) is out of 1400 for 3000.
ATC: (Callsign) Radar Contact, Climb and Maintain 8000, turn left heading ___, vector for ___.

After vectoring, ATC may tell an aircraft to “proceed direct” to a specific waypoint or intersection. We obviously don’t have a “proceed direct” command included yet in Infinite Flight, but the closest I can think of is to “resume own navigation” or “continue as filed”. If ATC is vectoring an aircraft (more specifically, myself) on departure before telling me to resume to my assigned flight plan, is an alternative for “proceeding direct” to tune into a VOR or NDB? Then once reaching the specific intersection, turn the source to a GPS?

Here’s an example:

Say that I’m flying from Washington-Dulles to London Heathrow. My flight plan will obviously take me northeast. However, say I take off from Runway 30, which is facing west. Say departure ATC is online, and I get vectored to an eastbound heading towards my flight plan. In real life, I may be told to proceed direct to a waypoint. In order to do this, would I tune into a VOR on the flight plan, then resume my own navigation with LNAV/GPS source?

Sorry if this sounds a little repetitive, but I do like to try and make my Infinite Flight experience as realistic as possible, so I’m always looking for new ways to improve realism. Thank you all for the help!

*EDIT: Saw some confusion in the comments, please not that this is not a feature request. This is asking if the procedures I described are the right way to do this in Infinite Flight.


Hey great idea, you could make a feature request. If you do you have my vote.

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Hey fantastic idea mate!! As @Anthony_Williams just told it would be nice to make a feature request and have a poll!!

I actually am not trying to make a feature request haha, I’m just curious if the example I described is the right way to do it in Infinite Flight…

If it’s in your flight plan, just activate that leg in your “FMC”/map and you can options choose to tune the station as well, if you want, as a backup in case your “FMC” fails - which of course it won’t but, you never know 🤷‍♂️. If it isn’t in your flight plan, yes, you need to tune the station, then select the source you tuned it to, then select LNAV.

I’ll be making a feature request for this! Great Idea!

Wasn’t trying to make a feature request but thanks lol

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There already is one… It is a year old with no votes and a couple of lines… Should I make a new one?

If you wish. However, I think this may be included in a feature request about more advanced ATC commands. It talks about proceeding direct/holding over waypoints.

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So from what I understand, by activating the leg and engaging LNAV on that activated leg, that will also be considered “proceeding direct”? In terms of you other comment, thank you for the help. I will try out a few things in Infinite Flight to test this out.

Please make sure you get the old one closed before hand @tunamkol

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Well, it will intercept the flight plan, but it will be very much “direct” yes

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Great, thank you so much for your help, I’m also going to test out the tuning into a VOR to see if that also works.

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In reality, especially on the ts, approach atc will try to vector you off your carefully plotted gps route sometimes for no good reason then leave you miles of course before going offline. I suspect the expert server is a little bit more professional.

Quite often it would be included within the pre-departure clearance (something we obviously don’t have in IF yet). This would typically give initial climb altitude/flight level, heading to fly upon departure and the SID you are cleared to follow. This SID is obviously described on the chart (I presume you use charts for realism’s sake?) which will show the first waypoint(s) that you could be vectored towards.
JFK is the immediate example that comes to mind: “Vectors to SHIPP” is a very well known saying in aviation circles haha!

Yes, I’ve heard this on JFK ATC Clearence Delivery Frequencies. I would guess a prime example of this question I had would be when ATC turns an aircraft off course for traffic reasons. Then, they (usually center) will “re-clear” direct them to an intersection.

Yeah that’s pretty much spot on. Usually ATC will say “Fly heading … Cleared direct …” Or, as you quite rightly say, “Cleared direct …”

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