A Question about Korean’s A380

Ok thanks for the info

Have you checked United?

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Yes, I believe it’s more expensive and less convenient

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Um, what are your dates and budget? PM me and I can find you some good deals on those airlines.

Lol AUS-ICN/GMP on June 1 or 2

HAN/DAD-AUS on July 18-20

Preferably under $1500

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Got it! Thanks! Will search for some and let you know

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All emirates A380’s have them.

Ok, um, your dad is going to have to pay for a one way separately, but let me check for round trips.

@snoman, $1500 for all 3 travelers or $1500 per person round trip?

I don’t know if you’ve seen, but Xiamen Air, China Eastern, and Air China all have deals on flights from the United States to Tokyo, Seoul, and Osaka. If you’d like, you could try one of these flights…

I don’t know when your trip is, but the deal is available from March-April 2020, and it will be from either Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York. If you’d like, you could probably get a cheap flight to SFO, LAX, or JFK and then connect onto one of these options. You’d be on an Air China 777, China Eastern 777, or Xiamen Air 787.

Unfortunately I’m going in June and July


My dads ticket will be payed for by his employer, he is teaching a study abroad class in Seoul :D

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$1500 per person lol

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How many stops?

Preferably only 1 on the way there, 2 on the way back

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Got it! Thanks!

Ok, @snoman, this is what I found for Korean Air, however, it is not operated using A380, but A339neo:


@snoman, if you’re willing to take two stops, you can try EVA Air (5 star rated)

Or if you can spend $100-$150 more, you can go for United and Vietnam Airlines.

Delta is cheaper, so I’ll send some of them as well, but these maybe good stuff as well:

Edit: here’s the Delta


@snoman, is Ho Chi Minh City possible? Hi chi Minh city is the best for fares and layover times:

I hope you are aware that the AUS-ICN is a codeshare flight between KE and DL. If snoman wishes to fly KE A380 to ICN, then he’d have to transfer at LAX. The AUS-ICN is a stopover at SEA where he will connect to DL A339, which I believe he mentioned above that he knows about :)

Also @snoman, which Asian destination do you prefer the most? You said you have two alternatives, HND or ICN, does whichever work? And would you like to find some good fares for HND?


Yep, but I don’t think he should go for the LAX one… KSEA is nice, plus KLAX is too overrated and I haven’t heard that many good reviews about it.

If you can go from KSFO, then of course go from there

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