A question about infinite flight

Hey, I’m just wondering, how do I make a custom callsign, like CQ-SWA or something

If you go to the Menu, at the Point Account you can make your callsign. When you open the Callsign editor, on the left you will see: “Airlines” and “General Aviation”. If you make an airliner callsign, you are limited to the Airlines. If you change to general aviation, you can tipe in your own callsign, which then could be: “CQ-SWA”

I hope this helped you

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My callsign is Nitro 3MT. you can use an airline and incorporate it in.

How do I type in my own

Go to GA section of the callsign

And then what do I do?

if the General Aviation tab is open, you have the countries on the left. There is no Country with “CQ” (at least i dont know one). If you take for example Afghanistan, you would get the “YA-”, if you then change the ID to “AAA”, you would get the Callsign “YA-AAA”.


I can confirm there is no CQ- prefix which means unfortunately the callsign you want is not possible as of 20.2.


Ok I’m fine with that I just thought of random letters on the spot

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