A question about future updates to the developers

Hello everyone, as you all probably know, last year, we got six updates including 2 soft reworks and 6 new aircrafts, and 2 livery updates in the same year. Will we be getting this amount of aircrafts this year? Because so far we only had one update and last year in May the 18.3 update came out. Thank you :)

A350, XClub and 777 rework are coming but we don’t now when…You will see !

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I hope we get alot of sturr this year but we will just have to wait and see i just hope we will get an summer update

Just because IF release 5 planes in 2012 for example doesn’t mean they will release the same amount in 2013. Quality not quantity

I know IF wasn’t out in 2012 but I’m using the dates as an example

Hey George!

During September 2018, Laura made a statement about how often they would like to ship an update!

“We don’t communicate on the dates mostly because while we have a general idea of when we’d like to ship (every 1 to 3 months)”

Let me clarify that was said in September 2018 and no idea if that still implies!


Erm…just saying…Infinite Flight was released in April 2011😏


Hence I said ‘example’ 🙄🤦‍♂️


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