A question about following ATC Instruction

Right after take off, I try to request landing on a specific runway to the tower immediately. The tower always say check forum for ATC instructions. Why do that always happen?

Why do you request to land at a specific Runway right after takeoff?

If you are doing pattern work then you don’t need to request landing.

If you as you said took off then you should proceed on with your flight. Go a bit further away from the airport then attempt to request for landing. I mean you are not supposed to request landing as soon as you takeoff…


As @Captain_JR said, you shouldn’t request landing after takeoff. If you want to do patterns and the ATIS doesn’t say you can’t, say you are remaining in the pattern and the tower will give you a traffic direction. All you need to do from then on are position reports until he clears you to land or for the option. If you are doing touch and goes I recommend including that in your position report, same with a full stop/landing, just so they know exactly what you are doing.


Cameron is almost correct, JR is a little further away.

When you take off you request remaining in the pattern. You then don’t need to say anything, as ATC will give you clearance for the option with a “make left/right traffic”. They can see you on radar so you don’t need to make any position reports. You’ll be given the runway clearance when you’re cleared for the option.

If you make position reports, you will be told about making unnecessary transmissions. You only need to report your position when on UNICOM.

Example script:
“Mags885 ready for takeoff, remaining in the pattern.”
“Mags885 cleared for takeoff, make left traffic”
“Cleared for takeoff, mags885”.
“Mags885, runway 09L, cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic”.

And thus the cycle continues…


Just as @Mags885 and others have stated above, if you plan to land immediately after taking off, you might as well add “remaining in pattern”, which basically means you’ll be in the airport traffic pattern. In your case, you did not specify that you were going to remain in the pattern and this just causes IFATC a headache because say in a busy airport, if you depart and immediately request landing, he’s gonna have to squeeze you into with other planes in the air which is just cumbersome. If you had told him earlier that you were gonna remain in the pattern, he’d easily be able to sequence you in. This is not a ghost-able offense per say (you might if you dont follow instructions), but something to note to make everybody’s life easier.

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Requesting to land on an airport you just took off from, you would do in case of an emergency. I can’t think of another reason. So…why did you request to land again? Forgot to take fuel? Dinner time?

You need to add something to your post, in order for us to know what to respond to you: what exactly was your takeoff request?

If you requested to remain in the pattern, well, then scroll up for other responses. And perhaps you can check the tutorial on YouTube.


I guess you were on my frequency at rksi today. when I sent you check help pages. you requested straight out departure. I cleared you. you climbed to 3000agl. when given frequency change. you requested inbound. I gave you pattern instructions and check help pages. if you intend to remain in pattern ask that. not departure. and as many pilots do dont ask remaining in the pattern when you want to depart. also dont climb to 3000 feet on pattern. stay at 1500 and turn final anywhere around 4nm out. And most importantly never do this when its busy and ATIS denies pattern work. I see many of you dping it. but it was allowed today so gave ypu pattern instructions. Thank you for this post. we really want pilots to learn by posts and not simply quit flight in rage. :)


Yeah, I was on your pattern in Seoul Inchen. The Air China 522 Super, remember? The Boeing 747-8

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Combined with everything that is mentioned above…

Make sure you pay attention to the ATIS as well to make sure pattern work is being accepted. If it is not, you will get another rude message saying its not accepted when you ask for it. If pattern work isnt being accepted, just take off and depart to another airport.

On that note as well, if you get that Tower isnt accepting pattern work, don’t switch to approach and ask for approach to that same airport. We communicate with each other while controlling. If there’s no pattern work, approach likely isnt going to bring you back in either. Which just equals a rude message that the airport is full (while you’ll hear others get accepted into their approach)

Hope this helps!


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