A question about Features

In features there is the vote function. But when does a request go in dev? there is a minimum ammount of votes?

It never “goes to them” they just see it like the rest of us, and take note when there’s a lot of interest.

oh ok thanks

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It really depends on how many votes the request has, and how logical the request is.

For example:
If some asks for full on 3D buildings with super detailed textures, that obviously wouldn’t be possible for the developers to do, as it would cause major lag on older devices, and some newer devices.

But, if someone makes a pretty decent request, like a aircraft addition, and there is over 1000 votes for it, it would then become a big priority for the developers, as a big chunk of the community wants the said feature.

Here is more detail:


No problem, as @Niccckk sort of illuded to, it’s not that something nessarly gets added when it has a lot of votes, it has to be possible, and something the devs want to do, but they take note of what the community is talking about, and try to prioritize those things…

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