A question about discourse.

Ok, so our community is based in a discourse server right? How much does the community website and server hosting cost to the IF devs? Also is there a limit of photos and videos we can publish here?


The Infinite Flight forum is indeed hosted by Discourse. However, the team will not disclose any costs for server upkeep publicly (just like any other company). From what I am aware, there is no “limit” as to how many photos can be uploaded, however, the more photos uploaded the higher the storage capacity the server will need to have (which also comes at an additional cost, of course).


I think Seb’s post earlier, sums it up very well. They pay enough for us to have fun, gain knowledge and spread ideas, that’s what matters the most ;)


There is no limit of photos posted however there is a max of 10 photos per post

You can check discourses pricing here

They are either utilizing the business plan which is $300 a month or they on the enterprise plan where the pricing is a lot more flexible in terms of how much storage they want as well as monthly page views.

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Are you offering to chip in?


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