A question about development.

Hi guys.

I am here to ask a question to you guys today.
It is about engine sounds.
Here it is:
How do 3rd party modding organizations manage to get hold of correct engine sounds for each aircraft?
And if they can do it, what is limiting IF from doing it?

It’s probably because they just go out to any random airport and flight and get the sounds as they are pretty bad from my experience, also they could just download them from the internet.

As Philippe said before,

"Our airliner sounds are from a 767. I honestly doubt you can find more realistic unless you go for a high quality 3rd party addon for desktop simulator.

Keep in mind that recorded sounds can be VERY different from 1 microphone to another meaning that using random videos you find on youtube to hear what an engine sounds like is not accurate.

We spent a lot of time (and money) on our airliner sound package and we believe we are very close to the real thing for the 767.
Having a different sound package for each commercial aircraft is something we would like to have ultimately, it just requires a lot more time and a lot more money (and access to clean recordings, which is extremely difficult for airliners).

Our 172 is also extremely accurate since we did that one ourselves with the help of a professional sound designer (who also did the mixing for the 767).

Other aircraft (turboprop, fighters) are more subjective but “good enough” (and definitely better than most default aircraft in most simulator I tried)."

Which means there are no clean recordings.


Hmmm, how they consider this in-game component sounds like (pun intended) a weak area to me - in comparison with the rest of IF’s aspects. I wonder if this means volunteered materials are welcomed for this good sim? Some of us have access to audio equipments or acquainted with people in the airline industry, or both. While personally I’m in love with how the engines revved up during cockpit mode (and is now shocked to find that all come from the same 767), I won’t mind finding a chance at recording this if someone could post a tutorial, hope others with better equipments and knows an airliner boss would want to have a go at this too :) for the engines, APU, flaps, etc.

The sounds have to be recorded in a ‘clean’ environment, meaning no external sounds, like people or the environment. This means it usually has to be done in the factory or a similar kind of place. Therefore you can’t just get onboard a plane and record.

You are very unlikely to find someone who is willing to let you use a large airliner for recording for free, because there are fuel costs and maintenance, and an airplane used up for this is one that can’t fly.

If you can find someone, as Phillipe said here, they would send equipment to record


Adjusting sound’s level separately could be cool in options. Wind, callouts, air sound on windshield, engine, fan sound in cockpit…
For example I’d like to lower air nose on windshield and have engine nose louder.

I think the most practical way for Infinite Flight to implement real “aircraft specific” engine sounds is to buy commercial rights to those sounds from other individuals who have recorded them already (similar to what they do with global scenery). Although it may be more costly than going and recording them themselves, it will save a lot of time that could be used for the development of other things.

Also, if you dig around the X-Plane 11 store, you will find that there is usually only one sound pack per aircraft (or aircraft series) and done by one company. I assume that collecting engine sounds is what they specialise in (they might have access to a “clean” environment for recording sounds). But there isn’t much of choice (in fact, there isn’t a choice at all) for a user to choose between different sounds for one aircraft. This shows that it is, in fact, very problematic to acquire those sounds (as the team have already said).


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