A question about bugs


I’ve been pretty active on the community so I know about some of the problems going on, this this is not me asking for a fix or complaining about a bug. I just have a question. I experienced my first app crash today, and as people have pointed out, there are some bugs with lights and aircraft. So my question is, why is it that only after this update did these bugs start happening and why did the game crash?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds and thanks devs for another amazing update.

PS, sorry that was two questions lol

There are few known issues that are actively being investigated specifically some changes in fps on some older devices. Also, the developers are still actively optimizing app performance via some backend work via major project that they’ve been working on which is known as Project Metal.

Also, the community has been pretty busy with new 22.1 topics, have you seen this thread yet?

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Ok, I was mostly wondering why the bugs happened during this update because they’ve never happened before. I’m not tech savvy 😅 but other than a few elements being added, why would the way lights affect aircraft change?

Thanks for responding quickly and I have seen that thread, just haven’t read it, I’ll do that real quick

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The runway lighting is likely part of the Project Metal background work. 22.1 was a rather large update chocked with improvements and changes that are tied into Infinite Flight’s engine used to render objects which helped take care of some issues with 3D rendering. There was also a large number of 2D and 3D airports pushed to the servers.

If you are experiencing app crashes specifically to this update, we can try and guide you in the right direction as long as you provide details like your device Make, Model, and Operating System, available storage, graphics settings. Another great tool provided by staff and developers is the Support Faq and then community member @Kirito_77 created this thread with the help of community members Device Compatibility Thread. I think you will find these links helpful.


Thanks very much! iPad 8th gen, 15.3.1 (I think), and a lot of available storage 😂 But now that you mention it, should I clear scenery or is that just for ground bugs?

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Honestly, the best option for all users to have an optimal experience is to set the fps to 30 fps, and ensure you restart your device before each flight, this helps keep things fresh.

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Ok cool, thanks again and have a great night/day.

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Thanks Levet