A question about AAs A321 and WiFi

Hey IFC! I have a question about how Wireless Internet works on Americans A321s

I don’t see a WiFi dome on there, yet AAs A321s have WiFi on them, how does this work? The 737 Max has WiFi, but it has a SATCOM dome.
Any Answers are helpful, thanks!

Edit: physically working not software wise

Photo credit: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8016998


Are you asking about the service or how does it work physically?

Service wise AA uses gogoair as their internet provider. You will have to sign up for service and pay for a daily or monthly pass to use it. Its not the fastest internet but is good enough for surfing and email. Infinite Flight and streaming videos not so much.


How it works Physically, not the software involved

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CaptainJoe on YouTube had a really good explanation of WiFi on airliners.


^^^ not to get off topic but is captain joe on IFC?

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I don’t think so. Now let’s get back on topic. 🙂

Ah ok yep np! Thanks for not flagging my post 😉

I know how WiFi worked on planes, I’m asking about one specific operator

Not sure but he would be a great person for Infinite Flight to cross merchandise with. He now flys a 747 for Cargolux.


Not sure what exactly you are looking for but the picture that is posted the antennas on the bottom of aircraft supply internet on that aircraft. They are roughly under the letter M in AMERICAN. it’s the slower of the 3 different internet’s as there is no dome on the top of the aircraft.

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Does anyone know when A.A. started using WiFi on the A321? Because hen I filter for A.A. A321 on jet photos, K found a few rather recent ones that did have the dome, but eaven those registrations don’t have it in photos more than a few months old…

(I also just realized that that was taken by one of the best KPIT spotters, you should check him out… 😉)


Oh thank you, that may help!

Some of the 321’s came over from the merger with u.s. air.
American has I believe 4 different versions of that aircraft.


A321s that were bought by AA (and not US Airways) should have WiFi domes; I don’t believe that US Airways fitted their aircraft with WiFi (they were around too long ago).
However, I believe that nearly all A321s (new and old) have been fitted with WiFi (Gogo cellular for domestic flights, Panasonic for trans-con) in the past recent years, so I don’t think A321s without WiFi domes will be around for much longer.
(Also, most of their EOW A320 family aircraft are being fitted with Gogo’s new 2KU satellite WiFi system, so trans-Atlantic A321s will probably all have WiFi domes soon if not all A321s don’t already have them.

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