A query about a crash

Hi, I crashed and got 6 violations and got demoted to grade 1. I would like to see what happened. If a moderator could help that would be superior.


This is not an issue with the app but instead a request for more information from past flights which led to violations. For such issues it’s bext to PM a moderator or staff member and I’m sure they will take a look into this for you.


Thanks for the insight, I will PM a mod as soon as possible.

Something similar happened to me I was flying from Melbourne to Perth and my Qantas a320 went haywire and started diving for some reason and I got demoted to grade 2.

Your autopilot likely disengaged mid flight for an unknown reason. if you were away from your phone you probably didn’t notice until you crashed. what position did you crash in? were there any strong winds in the area at your altitude how was your fuel?

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Handled in a PM. Thanks again @Luke_Sta :)