A Qantastic day’

I had a fun flight with my fellow IFGA member IF US.My flight was YSCB-YSSY.A 59 minute flight.A smooth sailing flight image image


Steals title

Pictures look beautiful. Like the third especially.


That title is really clever. Good work, and on the photos too 😂


I agree with @Hamza.N and @MrMrMan. Great pics!

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That’s @anon41771314 in the Qantas 737 in the 3rd picture

Good to know…

:wave: Hiii!!!

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@Captain_JR was there too, but he was down the line

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Nice pics 😄👍🏽

Title is genius! 😂
Anyways, great pics mate! I love them!

The last photo is an optical illusion

I was there? Where? Oh yeah, behind the Etihad, that was behind the Qantas, that was behind the Cathay. I remember the order, hmm, well, I just landed in Bangkok after 8hrs.

Either way, the pictures look great, shot from very unique and beautiful angles. Would’ve been perfect with me in it, but eh, next time… or go to the replay, screenshot my 747 and add the picture 😎

The last pic tho 🙊😍

Awesome title by the way!

Was this a formation flight 😄
amazing pics 👍

Yea you could say that.