A Qantas A380 Emergency Landing after technical issue

QF9 was about three and a half hours into its flight to Dubai from Melbourne when vibrations become apparent in an engine.

The decision was then made to return the flight to Sydney rather than Melbourne as it would position the A380 for immediate engineering attention and minimise passenger disruption and inconvenience.

Because there was no emergency or safety issue with the A380 it then had to take its turn at peak hour for international arrivals when the Sydney jet curfew ended at 6 am.

The passengers, who were able to dine, sleep or watch movies or chat among themselves, have now deplaned refreshed and eager to continue their delayed journeys, almost certainly, in another aircraft.

Photo - Flightradar24




Seems like Qantas has a bad rap with A380s. First the engine explosion, now this…


No way, Qantas 😢😢


Is Qantas still using the RR Trent 900? Maybe they should change them for the Engine Alliance GP7000. It would be expensive, but according to Wikipedia (not to trust entirely), it has never had an incident.

Is it that company will chose cheaper engine instead of safer engine ? I don’t think so.

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I didn´t say that. I said that could change it for the other one because it hasn´t had an incident (yet).

Yeah well look what the “safer” engine has gotten them into lol


I think that is rude.

Well no offense but facts are facts bro


Didn’t this already happen to a Qantas A380? Back in 2010?

That’s what I’m also referring to

Alright, I got it.😶😶😶

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Just read that @Qantas_ryan is the " Virtual CEO" of RR. Calm down, these comments are obviously not directed to you.

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I’m out of words😂😂😂

I believe so, but there were replacement parts used in the wake of QF32

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