A PSA For April Fools Day: "I'm Leaving IF" And Other Joke Threads

Literally I just saw the top part and I thought “oh my gosh” then I saw the bottom and I’m just like

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I edited the title, it should be a bit more clear.

Just enioy this humor while it lasts considering all the things that are going on in the world right now, people are just trying to cheer each other up. I really don’t see a problem sharing humor on April Fools day, since after all, it’s April Fools day. No need to shoot someone down on an April Fools post, and make a whole topic about it, just ignore it, and move on. 🤷‍♂️


It’s not April fools day, 2020 is already a joke we’ve decided today is March 32nd and tomorrow is April 2nd.


That’s the important part here. Personally, I don’t mind a good joke. Laughing is important these days. But at some point, it’s getting a bit out of hand. That’s why we’ve been closing most of the April Fools topics today (as well as last year and the year before and so on). It’s not that we hate them. Infinite Flight even posted something today as well. It’s not that we want to take the fun away. But I stopped counting the topics I closed today, it was quite a few. They’re filling up the #real-world-aviation category. And at some point, it’s just a little bit too much.

We had some interesting topics today, definitely more creative than the usual „I leave the IFC“ stuff. I give you guys that! 😊