A PSA For April Fools Day: "I'm Leaving IF" And Other Joke Threads

A PSA: “I’m Leaving IF” Joke Threads (April Fools Day)

With April Fools day right around the corner (or upon you varying on where you live), I bet a lot of us are going to be preparing for a day of mischief, jokes, and pranks. However, on IFC it has become a trend on this sacred day to post threads typically saying “I am Leaving IFC,” or things among that line.

Well, I am going to tell you bluntly that it is no longer funny. It died a year or two ago, so please stop posting them. I can say from experience that they can both clog up the system and make people mad/annoyed. The mods, from what I have seen, hate handling them and it just takes time out of their days to have to manage these topics.

Making a joke like that once or twice is funny, but over and over again just blows it out of the water. Killing a joke is as simple as shooting a fish in a barrel with a gatling gun. And from watching MythBusters, that is pretty easy.

Back on topic, I know April Fools day is in a few hours varying on where you live. So I speak for myself and the community when I tell you that if you are going to play a joke on the IFC, at least make it a joke people will laugh at and don’t clog it up with topics you put together in like two minutes. Unless you are serious about leaving and want to say your goodbyes, don’t make these kinds of threads as a joke. It only serves to be a neusence for the mods and our community as a whole. Finally, it can cause people actually to think that you are leaving. This can cause a number of things when they realize it is a joke.

So for the love of god, please please please please please please please don’t clog up the forum with quickly made “jokes” like these. It only serves to cause confusion and anger/annoyance from the community and the staff themselves.

If you make these threads, your statement may be turned into reality. Through a little thing called:

That will pretty much be all, happy fooling.

P.S. Brownie points for whoever makes a good joke and actually puts time into what they are doing.

P.P.S. When the person who has become basically notorious for making funny comments tells you something is not funny and probably stupid, you should listen.

Final Edit: I insist you look at what @Marc has stated as he laid out some excellent points, just post jokes that people will laugh at. Don’t go doing it over and over and over again. That is what kills the joke. We don’t hate jokes here, and I think it is safe to even say we like them. Its just doing it over and over and over doesn’t really make it a joke. It makes it annoying and repetitive.


Thank you for addressing this! Somebody had to.


I meant to post it yesterday but forgot to.


Agreed. These posts can get annoying if you’re not actually leaving.

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Thanks for addressing this, a lot of these jokes are in fact unfunny nowadays. It’s like trying to use the trollface meme on our generation: Just not funny anymore.

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If you want to leave as deer crusher said: Ask and ye shall receive ie. Suspension 🦄


I was planning a joke for the IFC today. But I kind of got stolen by @Infinite_Qantas. So there goes my idea. Don’t worry, I don’t care. Its better to just let it rest rather than clog the forums. If you are going to make a prank/joke, I would put some time into it to make it seem believable. Like make it look like something @Ishrion or me would make.

What was your joke then?

Boeing shutting down the Max Program. Gonna rick roll you all.

How did I steal it then?😂
I had KLM wants to split from Air France

Wait, that was fake?

Ye, that was fake. You thought it was real?😂

Just the general concept of a fake news article. If you want to talk about it further, then PM me. @Altaria55 Yes it was fake.

And I beat you all with Crazy Frog.

Bem bem!

This entire day is a big lie.


If we want to talk about our April Fools Day jokes, lets move to a PM. Keep this topic clean. @Altaria55 Welcome to April Fools Day.

My Emirates Concorde post sure did get some people. Made it look like an actual #real-world-aviation post with a summary.

I’m leaving the IFC.

Then coming back on in about 20 minutes.

That was fun


I’m leaving IFC.

To go get some coffee, i’ll be back in a second.

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Someone posts a topic like this every year. Nobody listens. Don’t waste your time typing an essay that will be disregarded year in and year out.