A Proper BA 747 Sendoff | A Golden Moon

Hey IFC! So today @snoman’s BA Retirement Sendoff Event took place and I flew from London Heathrow to Los Angeles, CA. Here are a few pictures from the 10+ hour flight west (and my first long haul flight) I tried to give them a retro edit with the exception of the amazing Golden Moon, which is my first attempt at catching the moon.

Livery/Aircraft: British Airways/Boeing 747-400
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 10 hours and 57 minutes

All at the gate for the final BA Retirement of the B747

Rotaté out of a Sunny London Heathrow

Cruising over Northern Ireland

After a few hours we reach North America near New Foundland

Flying over the plains of South Dakota

Reaching the Southwestern United States above Southern Utah

The Las Vegas Strip in Nevada and Lake Mead/Hoover Dam on the border of NV and AZ

Banking over the San Gabriel Mts overlooking the Moreno Valley and Pacific Ocean

A Golden Moon on Approach for Runway 25L at Los Angeles Int’l Airport

Slowing Down on Runway 25L at LAX with the Moon Rising above the Horizon

Which photo is your favorite?

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Please rate my photos! (By letter Grade because 10 numbers are a lot again. Lol)

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Feedback is appreciated! Thank You!


You hit us with that color blind filter


Thanks for attending the event, and nice photos! Long live the Queen!

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You’re welcome. 😂

That moonshot is awesome!

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Thanks! It was a great event!

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Sorry that I couldn’t attend, My mom really had to pick this day to go to IKEA, AND I really wanted to fly 747 in a group

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Thanks! I don’t think it’s too bad considering it’s my first time trying to catch it 😂

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You could use the Number Rating function, like this (and also because I don’t understand the letters a lot, I just know F means Fail lol)

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Nice Pics! I flew with you for a decent chunk of the atlantic- Hope you had a safe flight!

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Please PM me for further discussion on this 😂

Great photos! Nice moonshot!

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Well technically it’s on the border of BOTH states, so

Yeah I know, but I got lazy and didn’t want repetition 😂

Thanks, you too! There were close to 10 of us all in a line 😂

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Fixed it @AviationFreak
Edit: You know what. I meant the Hoover Dam 🤦‍♂️ Yeah Lake Havasu is not at the Nevada Border
So, NOW I fixed it

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i iz smart 👏🏼

Very smart. Thanks for fixing it tho 😂

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For those who want an easier way to rate my pictures 😂

Grading Scale

Fantastic photos! I also did this flight a couple of weeks ago, and it was so much fun!

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Thanks! I’ll have to check out your post if I haven’t already!