A procedural question regarding Arrival from CYVR and VTBS airport

CYVR and VTBS airports have the last anchor point for the arrival

program at the airport, which makes the approach program unusable (especially for me as an obsessive)!

Unfortunately, as the navigation data is sourced by NavBlue, a subsidiary of Airbus, Infinite Flight has no control over what they are going to implement at each airport.

It is very likely that these anchor points are a waypoint that uses the airport as a tool to reference, however, the lack of an instrument that does something akin to a PBD waypoint in Infinite Flight would mean that it’s simply not possible to have this implemented to its fullest extent.

As the next nearest approximation, the airport as a whole is used as a waypoint. That said, it does not appear to me that it’s a game-breaking issue, as simply removing the individual waypoint that leads you to the airport should correct the routing such that it resembles the procedure as much as possible.

With all that said, there is a need to now warn you that in doing so, you will now no longer be able to request for a descent via a STAR from any FIR controllers as the prompt is entirely dependent on whether you have a complete STAR listed in your flight plan - removing any waypoint would cut the STAR and treat the routing as a regular route.

I wouldn’t exactly describe it as unusable, as with the solutions provided above, a workaround is a lot more than possible. That said, I completely agree with your point of view and do believe that an improvement should be made. With that, I do hope that more navigation tools will be at our disposal in the future, though we’ll just have to see what the future awaits.


Thank you. That’s what I was thinking

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