A problem with trust level 2

The problem is that no matter how much I sit in IFC, I can’t get trust level 2. Help please, how much approximately do I need to be in IFC, to get trust level 2?

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Hey & welcome!

Just sitting around won’t do you any good. The best way is to participate in conversations :)


Okey, thaks >^<

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Hello and greetings. The best way is to be active in the community, be respectful and be helpful along the way.


An undisclosed amount that no one except a few know. Those few that do know will not disclose it for reasons that have been disclosed.

One way you can quickly get Trust Level 2 is actively participate in conversations 🗣 and posting content 📃. Make sure your content 📃 is good though (ie. Not some rant about how much the game sucks). If not it could get flagged 👀

Also, liking other people’s good content 📃 is a great way to reach TL2 as well! Just not too much at once because that annoys people 😬

Hopefully this helps you on your (hopefully short) journey to Trust Level II!


Alrigt, thaks

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Thank you ^^

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