A problem with the servers?

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servers are probably overloaded from people flying infinite flight’s masterpiece ;)

Not connecting for me :|

Which server(s) are you not able to load into? For the future, be sure to include some more details like device details and a summary of the issue when you create support topics so then we can assist you more efficiently.

im having trouble with connecting even at the home screen

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Any. This is what happens when I click fly online from the menu. S8+, latest version of IF. It’s not an issue with the device, it’s IF’s servers :)

Ah yes, I’m now able to reproduce. Not loading after clicking “Fly Online” from the home page of the app.

2018 iPad Pro 11”
iOS 13.2

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when I hit “fly online”, just says “connecting…” and eventually a) ill load in and the app will crash when I spawn or b) haven’t gotten there yet.

Anyone available to take a look into this issue please? Nobody can connect to the live servers. I don’t mind waiting, I know demand is high right now ;)


Im connecting fine!

It’s back! CS is at 44% TS is at 63% and ES is at 50%, just running at bit slow. Servers eh ;) Close it or keep it open. Thanks all for your input, safe travels.