A Problem With the Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks Thread

Hello IFC,
First of all, no offense to those that have already posted in the Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks thread. I’m not asking for you to delete your posts in that thread or for it to be closed. I would like to address what is one of the biggest problems with this forum IMO (most of you probably won’t agree, that’s fine). That is the Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks thread is not a good source of humor and is bad.
Here’s why:

I will refer to the Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks thread as “this thread” to save time writing

Reason 1
This thread breaks a common rule of social media: Don’t say anything to someone online that you wouldn’t say IRL. Lots of people probably wouldn’t tease people IRL as they do in the funniest stories of non avgeeks thread.
Reason 2
This thread sets a bad example for new members. It teaches lots of people that it’s ok to make fun of people. They get dragged into posting stuff that they shouldn’t say.
Reason 3
This thread is mean to those that have been involved in this thread as the non-avgeek. They will be dragged away from the IFC because of this.
Reason 4
Why make fun of these innocent non-avgeeks? Making fun of these people isn’t funny. Just because they aren’t interested in aviation doesn’t mean that they should be made fun of on this thread.
A few points that I want to address:
”The non-avgeeks won’t find out”
Who knows, they might. Even if they don’t find out, that doesn’t justify making fun of them. Doing so because they won’t find out is demonstrating a lack of integrity.

Thanks for reading this, and have a nice day.

P.S: I tried my best to not sound like an angry guy ranting


You did prove a point. Well said my friend.

If a non-avgeek is a non-avgeek, why or how would they ever be in the know about the Infinite Flight Community? Just wondering.


Good point. That still doesn’t justify making fun of Non-Avgeeks.

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Thanks for the compliment @Dylan_M

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To be clear, are you suggesting that we close Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks and re-open Aviation Memes?


I’m not saying close the Funniest Stories of Non-Avgeeks thread, I just wanted to point out the problems of that thread. I would like to see the aviation memes thread reopened.

Very Unpopular Opinion, but I personally don’t find most memes fun at all or necessary to even exist in our day and age. I honestly, don’t understand the point of it and I also would rather live without it even existing. I could go on with my life even if memes cease to exist. So if something like Article 13, in EU were to be implemented in the future and it would only result in Banning Memes only, then that would not bother me at all. And for IFC, I don’t see any whatsoever fun or reason to post and make memes out of aviation. Some may say, I’m a boring person now and don’t have humor or am just a lame guy based on what I just said, but remember, I do’t hate memes, there are still many out there that I love very much, as many I grep up with as Internet became bigger and bigger, but nowadays, the memes we see today and those related to aviation, makes not much sense and doesn’t serve any fun purpose at all, in my honest opinion.


Memes are an entertainment source, and I don’t think they have a place on a forum like this. Although i do like the non avgeeks thread as it is quite funny but it’s not offensive like memes can get.

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Ok. As long as they aren’t inappropriate or offensive, I like aviation memes a lot. Thanks for making your point @Captain_JR, I understand it.

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We do that. If one avgeek were to talk to another irl, we would rant about non avgeeks from time to time.

To be honest, who doesn’t make fun of people?

But how would they even find IFC if they were a non avgeek? What if there was an engineering community where people make fun of non engineering geeks? We wouldn’t even find it because we don’t find interest in engineering.

We don’t make fun of people because they are not interested in aviation. We point out what they do are considered wrong in an avgeeks eye and that is what the non avgeeks thread is about. It’s not meant to make fun, but sometimes their fails can be funny to us.

Are you making fun of RyanAir? That is rude!

You may like Aviation Memes but I love Funniest Stories of Avgeeks.


I personally dislike them, quite a lot I really don’t see any fun in them. Some may be entertaining to see, fun to laugh at and all. But the vast majority, nah. I’m good. I’d rather not, thank you.

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Although I disagree I 100 percent see your point.


No, those memes are jokes. Aren’t jokes funny?

Wasn’t the meme thread closed because most of the memes were either reposts or uncreative?


Ok good point. But no one is going to look through thousands of posts, so that is why there were many reposts.

But those jokes you mention are made to make fun of RyanAir, aren’t they not?

If RyanAir was better, like Southwest Airlines, there will not be many memes about them or if any at all.

Thanks for understanding. I know that very little if even anyone around our age will think the same as me, but I’m one of those odd ones out, that doesn’t really look up to memes and find them as entertaining as they are supposed to be or as other find it funny. That doesn’t go without saying that I hate them, no, but I’m just not fond of them. I do have a sweet spot for many old and even new memes, but I could, if forced to, go without memes my whole life out.

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The mods have to if someone flags it.

What I’m trying to say, is that this is what the thread came to:


Ok nice point. I don’t think they are made to make fun of Ryanair, I think that they are a joke and people don’t actually think about Ryanair that way.