A problem with the app

Dear guys. Yesterday I was playing IF, I activated the AP. I was flying from London to Medina. I let the flight for all the night but when I wake up tomorrow I founded that I crashed with 3 speed violations 😢😡😡. Knowing that I added more than fuel quantity that I need during my flight. Pls consider this message and help me.
Hamza Jrid very angry of Infinite flight experience.

Since when do pilots sleep when in command??


How heavy were you and what altitude and cruise speed do you go to sleep at??

Did you make sure when cruising that your speed didn’t go pass the red over speed marking for high altitudes?

To prevent this, DO NOT BE TOO HEAVY, cruise around 0.84 and make sure the AP is set up correctly

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But the most of the pilots in the game do that but anyways why I crashed without any reason?? 😡😢Normally I had to be grade 5 tomorrow but now it’s gonna be in 7 days 😡😡

Have you checked your replay? Are you sure you didn’t run out of fuel?

The altitude is 35 000 ft and I have a speed bellow the maximum speed to avoid violations but I had 3 violations knowing that I did nothing wrong.

We can’t really help since you didn’t give us enough informations.

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You could have been step climbing the wrong way. If you’re too heavy for the altitude that you’re at, you could stall; that could be where the crash and vios came from.

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Yes I did and I let a large difference between my speed and the maximum speed.

Best you can do is to check your replay and come back here after


How that? I expected your help 😢😢😢

Watch the replay, the aircraft may have stalled due to being to high. It may have looked fine when you wnet to sleep but slowly lost speed and stalled. Just check you replay and you will most likely find the culprit of why you crashed. The speed violations would most likely come from the stall and the aircraft plumuting to fast


also check this out by Matt about how to step climb correctly. its super helpful if you dont know the specifics of step climbing

What mach cruise speed were you in, and what aircraft?

If you were too fast, winds could push you over the limit.

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Hey there! Late response, but what aircraft were you using at the time?

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