A problem with putting users in one post

So I’m trying to add people for the Podcast Flight but this came up

Why is that? And if it’s an issue could I have a mod or someone add them in for me?

Not an issue, seems just the limit of people you can mention. I honestly didn’t knew about this.


It’s a system too…

There’s a limit where you can’t mention more then 10 people…

Hmm…but if I want to add people to the gates how do I do this? Lol I could take a screenshot and erase gates and put new people in and then just put in the screenshot before the additions

Just remove the people you already mentioned and just put there name 🙂

Wow…that is the smartest thing I have ever heard of…you sir are amazing!


would like, but no more likes for today

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keeps people from spamming users like if i were to create an ATC post and spam people to come it would be a mess

Yea I only found this out yesterday when I was adding people to gates for my events as well, I just put their names but didn’t tag them.

Okay I understand now! And thanks yeah that’s what I’m doing now too lol. I have like 15 people so far so not a shabby event for my favorite podcast :)

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You gonna hop down and fly with us ;)

link me the event thing

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