A problem with one flight

Hi there. I was in trainning server and something wrong happened because I didn’t take off and suddenly in the ground the sistem put me violations when I wasn’t in the air. I didn’t start my flight. How can I get violations when I wasn’t in the air?.


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It most likely counted them as “Taxiing above 35 knots”.

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Click on the violations and see what it’s for

I am taking a look at this.

The problem was that all simulator started to fail. I mean, I was on ground and suddenly I was falling down I don’t know where. Both for acrobatic actions and I wasn’t in the air yet.

Hi there, we were able to look at the flight log and verify everything. Did you fall through the ground?


Yes I was taxing to the 23L in MMMX and suddenly without reason I started to falling down

Good to know. I sent you a PM on the subject. In the mean time if you can be sure to clear your scenery cache and you should be good to go.


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